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What is Business Owners Insurance?

Do you need a cost-effective Insurance plan to keep your business going?.

In this competitive world, it pays for successful business owners to analyze every aspect of their overhead expenses including Business Insurance Cost.

We have found that many business owners are surprised when they take a close look at their current insurance policy coverages, and compare them with what they truly need. They may have enough property protection but not enough coverage with liability exposures. Or, they may find more exposures that have not been identified and it is not covered.

G. Zein Insurance Services can help you purchase an adequate policy protection, some of coverages may be mandated in Florida, also help you lower the cost of your business insurance.

Why should I use G. Zein Insurance Services for business owner insurance?

We have 31 years of experience in analyzing and recommending adequate business insurance plans, structured to your financial needs for businesses such as:

    • a Small and Medium-Size Corporation,
    • Association,
    • Manufacturer,
    • Non-Profit Organization,
    • All types of Retailers,
    • Wholesaler,
    • Income Properties,
    • Retail Stores.

We have the expertise regarding issues related to your business, such as:

  1. Liability exposures,
  2. Property exposures like hurricane and wind,
  3. Water Damage exposures.

We have helped thousands of companies like yours lower their Insurance cost by saving them on average 10% to 15% premium. With such Insurance experience, it gives us a competitive edge to structure a specific insurance plan tailored to your need to keep your business moving forward.

What to do next before renewing current policy?

To find out how much it cost to insure your business in Florida, Call Us Today for a complimentary review of your policy at (954) 454-9599 or at (866) 454-9555. Our team is ready to discuss a comprehensive business Insurance plan. In the process, you will learn about Claim handling, Inspections, and Insurance certificates.

At G. Zein Insurance Services, your business insurance is in good hand. Talk to Us Today at (954) 454-9599 or (866) 454–9555; We will listen to your quesitons.