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 Church Insurance Florida policy is considered a specialized insurance package of coverages, that are designed for Houses of Worship. We offer an insurance package policy deal with an inexpensive premium policy for Churches in Florida. Each of these Religious Organizations typically is covered under Houses of Worship Insurance policy; only a few insurance companies offer this type of special policy. Since Insurance Companies provides comprehensive liability coverage, it is important to note that there is much more optional coverage to choose, which are included in the standard Church Insurance Florida package policy.

What does Church Insurance Florida Policy cover?

  • Pastoral Professional Liability Insurance – this option provides spiritual counseling liability insurance.
  • Church General Liability Insurance – is usually standard with all church insurance policies, and this is because it provides liability protection for church members, volunteers, staff, and employees. Volunteers are covered only if by any means are acting on behalf of the church and happen to be responsible for any property damage or injuries; while they are performing duties for the church and not in any other situation. Medical coverage is provided under this insurance option, and this is for anyone who gets injured inside a church or on the church premises.
  • Church-sponsored Activities Liability – if at all there is an offsite activity that has been sponsored by the church, this liability insurance policy is necessary to cater for those events. If a guest gets injured, or for any reason, a property get damaged where the event is hosted, it will all be covered by this liability policy.
  • Abuse and Molestation Liability Insurance – that endorsement protects the pastors and employees of the Church against any claim related to abuse and molestation of Church members.
  • Equipment breakdown coverage in the event any church equipment break down; this insurance coverage goes on to cover it. It also includes any mechanical repairs that may be required on the church building such as Air Conditioning, Phone system, Etc.
  • Church Van  – to cover the church vans that often transport members as free service.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance  an endorsement to cover all board members for practically any wrongful decision made on behalf on the Church.
  • Property Coverage  such as Building, Contents, Fine Arts and Stained Glass, any loss of church property gets to be compensated when catastrophes such as fire, falling objects, water damage, Hurricane, theft, and vandalism.

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