Commercial General Liability Insurance FloridaIs your Business well protected against frivolous claims?

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Medium Corp. to Small Corp., Minimum Premium $2,500 per year.

G. Zein Insurance Services has been ensuring Corporation like yours since 1987. We have helped thousands of Medium to Small businesses in evaluating and recommending adequate liability insurance policy. No matter how diligent you manage to minimize all possible risks, you might potentially be sued for accidents resulting from the carelessness of a customer or perhaps your employees.

Choose from a variety of Florida Commercial General Liability Insurance Florida policy that is relevant to your operation:

  • Products Liability Insurance: if you sell products in the US or Worldwide that might cause harm to consumers, you will be sued even if you manufacture your products outside the country. If you know a problem existed with the product, but you do nothing to fix it, this is called negligence. Defending a legal claim under Products Liability can be very costly and possibly can cause you to close your business.
  • Film & Media Productions Liability Insurance: Risks involved in media liability are: defamation, libel and slander, invasion of privacy, copyright and trademark infringement, piracy, emotional distress, plagiarism, misuse of ideas; all these circumstances  will trigger a lawsuit against your company.
  • Retail Business: protect your retail business against a common cause of claim slip and fall hazards.
  • Garage Liability and Garage-keeper Liability Insurance: this policy protects your business against any faulty repairs done to your customer vehicles.
  • New or Used Auto Dealers: Protect your business when auto shoppers drive one of your vehicles on the road for an automobile driving test.
  • Manufacturing Liability Insurance: protect your business if you manufacture a product in the U.S. and sell it to the Public inside the Country as well as Worldwide.
  • Marine Contractors: Protect your business against bodily injury and property damage claims when you perform repair or improvements to any watercraft.
  • Property Management Liability Insurance: If you manage residential properties or commercial buildings, office buildings, you need to protect your clients against claims arising from wrongful eviction, tenant discrimination, and slip and fall.
  • Technology Insurance: Covers IT consultants, software developers, computer programmers.

Protect your company assets today with a comprehensive commercial general liability policy underwriting by quality Insurance companies serving Florida, knowing that you are financially protected in the event of a claim. Our experienced brokers are ready to help you identify your business exposures, issues, and challenges, then recommend a proper commercial general liability insurance policy.

What does Commercial General Liability Insurance Florida Policy Cover?

Commercial General Liability policy covers bodily injury and property damage that your business might become legally obligated to pay as a result of:

  • Fire Legal Liability.
  • Medical Coverage.
  • Non-Owned Auto.
  • Premises Operation.
  • Personal and Advertising Injury.
  • Products and Completed Operation.

Commercial General Liability Insurance Policy protects and defends your company from possible significant payment awarded by the court, as a result of bodily injury and property damage to a third-party caused by your employees or your business operation such as Products sold in the market. Commercial general liability insurance policy also absorbs the cost of defending legal lawsuits filed against your company, in addition to expenses that requires claim investigation and other related claim expenses, up to $1,000,000 Per Claim Per Year.

How to get discounts on your Commercial General Liability Insurance Florida?

  • Don’t get more coverage than what you need.
  • Develop a worker safety training program.
  • Increase your deductible, it helps lower your premium.
  • Reduce risk in your daily operations through weekly safety inspection.
  • Bundle your insurance plans together under one insurance company whenever possible.
  • Install security camera surveillance, it helps monitor the daily business activities on your premises, and can help prevent theft and any potential business fraud.
  • Reduce your business liability through products quality control, implement a driver safety program, and other commercial safety measures to lessen the likelihood of future claims.

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