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Condo Unit Insurance

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Florida Condo Unit Insurance Policy (HO-6) is a necessary policy to protect your personal assets located inside a condominium association. Many condo unit owners make the mistake thinking of the master association insurance policy do cover their interior condo and their personal items. Unfortunately, this is not true.

The master insurance policy controlled by the condominium association typically consist of covering the property structures and common areas only. In other words, if a hurricane damages the building roof, the loss would be covered by your association, but if a hurricane cause damage inside your own unit, in this situation, there is NO coverage by the association Insurance policy.

Therefore, to protect your condo unit structure and your personal property, certainly, you will need a condo unit insurance or HO-6 policy, because this particular policy covers everything that is inside the walls of your condo unit.

What does High-Value condo unit insurance policy cover?

  • Condo Interior Elements – this policy covers condo unit interior structures such as carpeting, kitchen, bathroom cabinetry, electrical fixtures, water heater, interior A/C unit, and flooring.
  • Personal Belongings – moreover, this policy extends coverage to appliances, furniture, clothing, electronic equipment, fine arts and jewelry.
  • Personal Liability in the event a person is injured inside your condo, he or she can file a bodily injury claim against you. Therefore, your condo insurance policy will pay for all medical expenses, along with providing a defense lawyer to represent you in the event a lawsuit is filed against you for the cause of negligence.
  • Loss Assessment – when an accident damage the condominium property common area, and the association places an assessment fees collectively divided to all unit owners for the purpose of restoring the property, your condo unit insurance policy covers the assessment amount up to $2,000 policy limit. Per Florida Statutes rules 714; Florida insurance companies must provide a policy assessment limit of $2,000 per claim.
  • Loss of Use – furthermore, a condo unit owner policy also includes an endorsement for loss of use, in the event your interior unit is severely damaged due to a cause of loss, and you need to move out to a temporary apartment or a nearby hotel while the condo unit is under repair, then this policy pays for the temporary living expenses.
  • Hurricane and Wind Insurance – and this policy covers your condo unit when a named hurricane or high wind damages your condo unit in Florida.

Our local Miami, Ft Lauderdale and Palm Beach insurance agents can walk you through the binding process and help you determine the amount of coverage you need.

5 ways to save money on your condo unit insurance?

  • Have a prior policy with no lapse of coverage.
  • Proof of no insurance claim in the past 3 years.
  • Have a sprinkler system in your unit.
  • Install theft and fire alarm system.
  • Install impact windows or metal shutters to cover the windows.

How much it cost to insure a condo unit Owner insurance in Florida?

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