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What is Home Insurance?

It is a written contract between you and a Florida Insurance company that promises to reimburse you for your property damage that may arise out of hurricane, windstorm, theft, fire, tropical windstorm, sinkhole, water leaks, and flood. Also, it provides legal defense in case you get sued for personal injury. In return, you pay a sum amount of money every year.

What can we do for you?

We offer a complimentary Home insurance quote tailored to your needs that includes adequate coverage and competitive premium. The agency is licensed with the best home insurance carriers that have the flexibility to fulfill all of your demands.

We can insure homes in Florida, ranging from $300,000 up to a high-value home of $10,000,000 in construction cost value. And most of all, our licensed companies gives you peace of mind that comes only from the knowledge that your residence is well protected when a loss occurs. Also, we help you mitigate any property claim you might suffer when a loss occurs.

What does Luxury Home Insurance Policy Cover in Florida?

  • Dwelling – The dwelling limit is insured based on today’s 100% replacement cost. Our local insurance agent can run a replacement cost estimator to help you determine the insurable value of your home. Dwelling replacement coverage includes all walls and any materials attached, flooring, electrical fixtures, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and any outside detached structures such as a garage and pool.
  • Personal Liability – This policy provides legal protection to you and your family for any legal lawsuit filed in the court against your family. The policy limit is covered up to $1 Million to include legal defense costs and court costs.
  • Personal Items – This policy ensures your belongings, such as furniture, clothing, and electrical equipment. Thus, any claim is evaluated according to the current replacement cost of that particular item.
  • Loss of Use – The policy pays for temporary living relocated in a nearby hotel or rental apartment, in the event your home is damaged due to a hurricane, fire or other unexpected catastrophes, until your home is completely repaired and livable.
  • Jewelry Insurance and Fine ArtsWe insure high-ticket items like jewelry and fine arts; a separate application is needed for quotation along with a current appraisal and pictures. Above all, this policy does include an endorsement for mysterious disappearance.
  • Hurricane and Wind The policy covers your home losses against natural disasters caused by a named hurricane or high windstorm. You have an option to pick 2%, 5% or 10% hurricane deductible.
  • Personal Umbrella Insurance – The policy covers you and your family for any personal liability claim filed against you in the court, this coverage becomes in force after exceeding your home insurance policy limit of $300,000. A Personal Umbrella policy is available up to the limit of $25 Million.

Homeowners Insurance Special Coverage Endorsement:

We insure luxury homes wherever they are located in Florida, and used as a primary residence or vacation home (central alarm is required). Thus, some added benefits of our luxury home insurance policy include:

  • Additional living expenses.
  • Contents replacement cost that covers your contents at 100% regardless of the cost of the item.
  • Boat dock and boat-lift that is connected to your home, including mechanical breakdown.
  • Total restoration according to current city construction, to includes labor and materials associated with it.
  • Certain policies cover high-value jewelry and fine arts up to certain limits with no appraisal.
  • Extended dwelling replacement costs up to 125% of its current policy limit, it is recommended for high-value homes in the event the cost of construction rise in the area.

What is the cost of Home Insurance in South Florida?

Home Insurance cost is calculated based on a few factors:

  1. The age of your home.
  2. The deductible you choose on Wind and on All other perils.
  3. Your insurance credit.
  4. The dollar amount of your personal property you want to insure.
  5. Additional Structures to the home such as Enclosure Screen Porch and Pool.
  6. City and Location of your home, if it is located in the Wind Zone Area or out of Wind Zone.

7 Steps to save money on your Home Insurance in Florida:

  1. Have an updated shingle roof within the past 15 years and for tile roof within 25 years
  2. Additional discounts are available for senior citizens residents.
  3. If you live in a gated community, you receive an additional discount.
  4. Have a prior insurance policy with NO lapse in coverage for the past 12 months.
  5. Install hurricane shutters or impact windows all over the home, including hurricane proof garage door.
  6. Have a claim-free policy for the past three years, unless the loss is hurricane-related.
  7. Install and activate a fire and burglar alarm system connected to a monitoring central station.

What to do to receive a Home Insurance Quote in Florida?

In able to receive a High-Value Home Insurance quote today, please fill out a request form. Our local agent is ready to shop on your behalf for an affordable package policy deal. However, any further questions or concerns, feel free to call G. Zein Insurance Services now at (954) 454-9599 or (866) 454-9555. We are here to answer all of your questions.

We write Home Insurance with the following Insurance companies: Universal P&C Insurance, Federated National, Citizens Insurance, Lloyds of London, Lexington Insurance, Chubb Insurance, Bankers Insurance.