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In Florida having a successful nightclub, bar, club or restaurant is a big business. One of the most important decisions you can do is protect your investment. Having a Florida liquor liability insurance policy is the first step to take. If you sell serve or serve liquor, you place your establishment in possible liability exposure for those unforeseen circumstances that can occur when people are under the influence of alcohol. Consider the following scenarios:

  • If a customer gets intoxicated at your nightclub and is involved in an accident after leaving your premises, which has resulted in another person getting injured. The family of the victim may consider suing your business for criminal and civil damages.
  • If a serious injuries have occurred at the nightclubs, Sports Bars, Tavern or Clubs,  as a result of a fight that broke out from someone being intoxicated, you could be liable for all the damages and injuries sustained.

Liquor liability insurance policy protect your business from suffering unexpected financial losses as a result of these types of incidents. In addition to your standard liability insurance policy, it is well worth getting covered. A liquor liability insurance policy covers attorney fees and any litigation and court costs.

What do you need to do to minimize any potential claim?

Although unforeseen circumstances do occur, being prepared is the key to reducing any potential claim. Being proactive in protecting your business can save you time, money and aggravation. Here are a few tips:

  • Train your servers to handle intoxicated customers.
  • Making sure your servers or bartenders are trained to spot intoxicated patrons, can alleviate injuries or disturbances. These employees also are aware when to stop serving liquor to intoxicated customers.
  • Obtain a liquor liability insurance policy.
  • Liquor Liability insurance policy coverage can be added to your business owner’s policy or purchased as a standalone. This policy is effective in protecting your business in the event of disruptive customers or any person that have left your establishment and broken the law as a result of being intoxicated.
  • Encourage intoxicated patrons to use a taxi or designated driver.

Having an internal rule of encouraging groups or individuals who have been drinking to use a hired taxi or have a designated driver among the group can alleviate many accidents or brawls that can occur. This instruction also reflects positively on your location as a Nightclub that encourages safety. This type of policy may not be required in Florida, but having this protection in place in an area that is known for its nightlife and Bars can be beneficial.

What to do next before renewing current policy?

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