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Do you work on pleasure boats or cruise ships in Florida?

The local marinas mandate to carry a comprehensive marine general liability insurance policy to protect your marine business against bodily injury or property damage claims, arising out of your operation, located at marinas, aboard a ship, or at other marine operation Worldwide. Commercial Marine Contractor requires specialty insurance coverage, such as Ship-Repairer’s legal liability.

What does Marine Contractor Insurance policy cover?

  • Ship Repairs Legal Liability Insurance – it is necessary to protect your business with an insurance policy up to $1,000,000 liability limit for damages accidentally caused to your customers’ watercraft and its equipment, cargo, or any other interest on board a ship. This type of coverage transpires when your customers’ watercraft is in your care, custody, and control, for the purpose of altering or repairing the vessel at the shipyard, marina, at sea, or at any other locations outside the Country. Ship-repairer Legal Liability is a specialty coverage required to have for marine contractors.
  • Marine General Liability – protects your company against any bodily injury and property damage accidentally act out by your employees to your customers or to a third party, while they are working on board or alongside the vessel in any port or facility in the USA as well as Worldwide.
  • Marine Protection & Indemnity – such coverage can be added to protect your business from loss of life or bodily injury to your employees onboard your ship.
  • Traveling Workmen – this endorsement extends the liability coverage whenever your employees are working on board or alongside the vessel at any port or facility inside and outside the country, for the purpose to complete repairs and alterations of the ship assigned to you.
  • Marine Pollution Liability – Policy protect your business against any discharge, release or escape of any smoke, toxic chemicals, liquids or gasses into land, atmosphere or body of water, accidentally caused by the finished work of your employees.
  • Blanket Additional Insured – this endorsement is required if you do work on numerous commercial ships or marinas in Florida.
  • Waiver of Subrogation – it is requested by many marinas in Florida, therefore, an endorsement is added to your policy, to waive the subrogation process by your Insurance company against the marinas.
  • Marine Contractors Tools and Equipment – it covers your tools during transit, normally up to $10,000 policy limit. However, if you need to insure more expensive tools, it is required to submit a list of all schedule items along with the serial number and the value per item.

How much it cost to insure Marine Contractor in Florida?

To find out how much it cost you to insure Commercial Marine Contractor in Florida, please fill out a quote request form today. Our Agents will shop on your behalf for a comprehensive package policy deal along with affordable premium. Or, before you renew, feel free to call us now at (954) 454-9599, or (866) 454-9555 to review your current policy.