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It is important for restaurant owners to carry an insurance policy. The landlord’s policy covers typically the structural elements of the building, not the tenant improvements that you have made to the interior space, in order to make it an attractive dining experience. If major damages were to occur inside of your business, you would be responsible for all repairs.

If you own a Fine Dining Restaurant, Family Restaurant, Franchise Restaurant, Banquet Hall, or Party Center, our restaurant insurance package policy protects all these elements inside your premises.

What does Restaurant Insurance Policy Cover ?

  • Improvement & Betterment – This policy covers all the improvements or alterations made to the restaurant by you. This coverage is important as your total investment can range from $150,000 for a small family restaurant up to a million dollar for a fine dining restaurant. Such Tenant improvements attached to the wall, floor, and ceiling include the functional items which it takes to run a restaurant such as your freezers, commercial stove, hood, along with the furnishings and flooring.
  • Business Property – This coverage protects your restaurant property from theft, Hurricane damage, fire, high wind, vandalism and more. In other words, If your restaurant contents are damaged for some reason due to a named peril, this restaurant insurance policy does guarantee restoration of your business property.
  • Food Spoilage – Additionally, your policy covers food spoilage due to a power outage or equipment breakdown.
  • Loss of Income – If a major loss happens and you have to close your restaurant to make repairs, this policy can pay for your loss of income normally up to 12 months. For example, the loss of income coverage can help you make the lease payment, utility expenses and pay your employees the weekly wages that you owe them. This money can make a difference between going out of business or reopening after the repairs are completed.
  • Restaurant Liability – Business owners have to worry about unexpected lawsuits. This policy is necessary for restaurants serving food and alcohol. If a customer has a slip and fall accident and get injured on your premises, or become sick after eating your food, they could file a lawsuit and seek damages. The best way to defend yourself is simply obtaining a general liability insurance policy. This policy pays the damages awarded by the court and provide you with a local defense lawyer to represent you in the court.
  • Liquor Liability – You may also want to request additional liquor liability insurance coverage. For example, if a customer drinks too much alcohol and ends up hurting themselves or someone else, losses might fall back on your business for serving excessive alcohol to an intoxicated customer.
  • Restaurant Workers Compensation – If you have over 4 employees on payroll, you have to obtain a Workers Compensation policy to cover your employees if case they get injured on the Job.

6 ways to save money on your restaurant insurance policy :

  • Have no losses for the past 3 years.
  • Install an active theft and fire alarm system.
  • keep the restaurant floor clean to prevent slip and fall.
  • Train your employees how to handle customer complaints.
  • Maintain a continuous insurance policy with no lapse of coverage.
  • Ask your servers to take a formal alcohol awareness training program on line course by applying at

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Additional coverage is available such as equipment breakdown, employee theft, outdoor sign, workers compensation and more. Our local insurance agents have helped restaurant owners like you save on average 10%-15% off their current premium.

Don’t put your business or your savings at risk by running a restaurant without a commercial Insurance policy. We are here to protect your investment and help you stay in business.

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