Commercial Auto Insurance is a policy needed for your transportation business.

Depending on how you use your vehicle in your business will determine what type of auto insurance policy you might need.  Most people think a commercial auto policy is something you acquire for your business, but that is not always the case.  Typically, large businesses that have fleets of vehicles, apparently do need commercial auto insurance.

However, individuals might also need commercial insurance, having only a single vehicle depending on the type of vehicle and who is using or riding as passengers.

 Do I need Commercial Vehicle Insurance Policy?

Some vehicles required commercial insurance policies like 18-wheeler semis, dump trucks, delivery vans, or others.  Regardless of why you must have this particular vehicle, you are financially safer having a commercial auto policy.  There are also specific types of vehicles you cannot even insure under a personal auto policy.  These would be things like truck-trailer, non-emergency medical vehicle, or special types of buses and vans.  Each Commercial Auto insurance company has its set of rules and restrictions.

Vehicle Use determines Your Policy.

Just because you have a particular vehicle like a large pickup truck, van, or some other modified vehicle, does not necessarily mean you need different insurance other than your auto insurance.  What does matter is how you use your vehicle.  If you don’t own a business and simply have these vehicles for pleasure or family use, you more than likely, can choose a personal auto policy like the majority of people to have.

The rules change of commercial auto insurance. If you use your vehicle for private purposes, part of the day or week, but also use it for business purposes the other time, for example, if you are a student during the day but deliver pizza or food or flowers after school hour, you will need to let your insurance carrier know.  Independent transportation services are popping up like Uber where individuals use their private auto to transport people for money.  This type of policy inevitably requires additional coverage for your protection as well as any passengers.

Leasing or Renting Your Vehicle For Profit.

If you are receiving any compensation for letting a person lease or rent your vehicle, your personal auto policy may not cover your vehicle in the event the person driving the car has an accident.  By the same token, let us say you use your personal car to visit other businesses or work-sites as part of a daily routine and you are involved in an accident, your passenger is injured, and you are relying on your insurance to cover his medical bills.  If you only had a personal auto policy, there is a good chance this incident would not be covered.

How much does commercial auto insurance cost?

With most insurance, the rules and restrictions vary from state to state.  That is why, it is always good to talk to your local insurance agent such as G. Zein Insurance Services at (954) 454-9599, to get the best affordable policy and to determine if you are getting the right coverage for what you do.

Most insurance carriers will be able to determine what is your best course of action and offer you either personal auto or Florida commercial auto policy.