How to Insure Jewelry and Fine Arts in Florida

Contact your insurance agent G. Zein Insurance Services to find out if you require a separate insurance policy for your Jewelry and Fine Arts.

Most Homeowners insurance policies consist of endorsement coverage for personal items such as Jewelry and Fine Arts; nevertheless, numerous policies limit the dollar coverage on jewelry from $1,000 to $2,000 per item. With all the average, engagement ring costing over $10,000, that coverage may not be adequate.

Contemplate acquiring add-on coverages to your Homeowners Insurance policy, which, in most instances, would also cover your items for “mysterious disappearance.” Purchasing a  jewelry floater or an endorsement policy when ensuring your jewelry implies that in case your ring falls off your finger, or is mysteriously lost, you are financially protected.

Save the purchase receipt

Forward a copy of the Jewelry receipt and pictures to your insurance company as a proof of purchase and records the current retail value. Keep a copy in a safe place.

In the event you received an inheritance piece, have it appraised

Get your old jewelry appraised for its dollar worth today. Talk to your insurance Agent who can suggest a reputable appraiser in the area. An excellent appraisal will give more specific details of the stone like weight, grade, measurements, diagrams of flaws, any chemical treatment, and options towards maintaining the stone as well as a photo of the item. Additionally, the appraisal will recognize whether the diamond is real or fake.

Add Jewelry item to your home insurance inventory

An up-to-date inventory of your personal possessions will help you obtain the correct amount of homeowners insurance coverage and speed up the claims process when you have a loss.
Do not yet have an inventory? Celebrate your wedding by creating a list of Jewelry items together with your wife. Take the time to create a list of all your Jewelry, also add photographs for the expensive items, is probably the best step you can take to protect your valuable assets. This process, in turn, will help facilitate smooth insurance settlements.

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