what is Condo Unit Insurance policy cover?

Do you have a Condo Unit Insurance Policy in Florida with Hurricane? Then you need an HO-6 With Hurricane/Wind. being a condo unit owner in Florida, means you receive a limited level of coverage through your condominium association master policy, it specifically covers damages incurred in the … Continue reading

What is Liquor Liability Insurance?

In the State of Florida, purchasing liquor liability insurance is important. Entertainment insurance is expensive in Florida, however, basic coverage is required to operate your business. Obtaining liquor liability policy is necessary, it provides a peace of mind, that you are covered in case of a … Continue reading

what is Commercial Truck Insurance

Tips to purchasing commercial truck insurance policy at lower cost. Commercial Truck Insurance, certain businesses rely on commercial trucks to deliver their products to consumers, so it is required for business owners to protect your corporation from any auto liability and property damage … Continue reading

Car Insurance Buying Tips?

Car Insurance buying tips Your Car insurance coverage options are important to determine the final premium. In Florida, the minimum coverage required in Florida is 10/20/10 Liability limit, but higher liability limit of 250/500/100 capable of delivering more legal protection to you should a claim … Continue reading