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What is Non Emergency Medical Transportation Insurance?

N.E.M.T. is a unique type of commercial auto insurance program designed specifically for para-transit services and ambulance transportation. The policy is structured based on carriers classification for pre-scheduled arrangement pickup. The N.E.M.T. policy is specifically intended for business delivering door-to-door transportation services from customers’ home to medical facilities for people with disability and older-aged patient, none of whom are able to ride public transportation.

What are the requirements for N.E.M.T.?

Para-transit service companies are usually compensated by hospitals, medical clinics, medicare, medicaid, and private pay. Therefore, State and County government agencies have mandatory rules requires every medical transportation company to carry adequate N.E.M.T. insurance to protect medical patient during transit.

What kind of Insurance do I need for Passenger Transportation :

  • Physical loss of your vehicles in the event of a theft or accident.
  • General liability is necessary to cover any lawsuit filed by a passenger traveling in your vehicle against the driver for reckless driving.
  • Professional Liability to cover your passengers against any physical and sexual abuse done by your employees.
  • Commercial automobile insurance liability to protect your passengers during transit, in the event they get injured in an accident.
  • Excess liability (optional).

Does State of Florida mandate Passenger Medical Transportation Insurance?

Florida local authorities mandated all non emergency medical transportation companies to obtain commercial auto coverage with a minimum limit of $300,000 per policy.

What happens if your vehicle accidentally breaks down during a trip and your passenger is injured in your vehicle?. What happens if your reckless driver unintentionally injured a patient sitting in your vehicle?. All of these possibilities mean Liability to You. “Risk” is something that an insurance policy can help you to offset it. It is important to evaluate the financial risk your company might face and pursue getting a proper policy.

What to do next before renewing your Patient Transportation Insurance Policy?

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What type of Vehicles we ensure:

An example of an active form of non emergency medical transportation insurance requirements includes specialty vehicles such as:

Standard Sedan Vehicle.

Van with special equipment – wheelchair ramps.

Van with a special equipment – wheelchair lift.

An Ambulance with Stretcher.

This N.E.M.T. insurance policy is important to your business in two ways:

  1. Protecting your employees and your business from the cost of paying out medical claims due to a car accident, to passengers sitting in your company vehicle during transit.
  2. Your business remains compliant with the local government mandated to carry a liability insurance program when operating a medical transportation business.

4 was to save money on your non emergency medical transportation Insurance:

  • Multiple Vehicles get additional discounts.
  • Proof of monthly maintenance of your vehicles.
  • Hire drivers with a minimum of 2 years’ experience and have a clean driving record.
  • Additional discounts for having a continuous policy with 3 years claims-free.

Are you adequately insured today?

We are here to help you evaluate your current insurance policy. Since the cost of this insurance typically rises when an insurance policy is renewed, now is the right time to shop for a comparable non emergency medical transportation insurance carriers rates and limits.