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Hurricane Insurance in Florida.

Hurricane Insurance is a necessary insurance policy in the state of Florida; it does cover property damages to a residential and commercial property caused by a tropical storm or named hurricane. A hurricane insurance policy is the best solution to offset hurricane losses and receive compensation for necessary repairs to your home or your commercial properties in Florida.

What is covered under Hurricane Insurance Policy:

    • Structural damages – coverage includes whatever damages are done to your building structure, including roof, walls, garage, screen, and fence.
    • Contents – Coverage includes Personal items such as furniture, clothing, and electrical equipment.
    • Loss of use – The policy covers movable expenses to relocate to a nearby hotel or rental apartment until your property is completely repaired and livable.

The cost of hurricane insurance depends on many factors:

    • Where is your property located in Florida and how distant it is measured from the ocean.
    • What is the cost of your property to rebuild in the event of major damages?
    • And how much deductible you’re willing to pay up-front, such as 2%, 5%, or 10% of the policy limit.

Most insurance carriers won’t issue policies when a hurricane is imminent; therefore, you have to plan early to purchase a hurricane policy.

Why is Hurricane so devastating?

Most often, due to the warm water from the Atlantic Ocean, Hurricane travels with a high wind of over 100 MPH. In this case, a hurricane knocks out roofs, especially the one with the Joisted-Masonry roof construction, and causes severe water damage and structural damage to your home or your commercial building. Therefore, Insurance companies take the burden of home repairs and help property owner restore their properties to what it was before.

Does Homeowners Insurance cover Hurricane damage:

Yes, homeowners insurance does cover hurricane damage with a deductible option of 2%, 5% of the policy limit. If you have a mortgage, most banks have a mandatory requirement to carry hurricane coverage. Otherwise, they force place Insurance on your loan account, and most of the time, it is very costly.

Does the Commercial Property Insurance policy cover Hurricane damage:

Yes, a Commercial property insurance policy that includes hurricane coverage does cover windstorm damages. Property owners have the option to obtain a stand-alone Hurricane Policy. The WIND policy premium is calculated based on your property location, type of construction, and how far it is situated from the coastline.

3 factors to save money on your Hurricane Insurance Policy:

YES, insurance companies apply additional discounts on hurricane policy for homeowners and commercial properties, due to a few factors:

    • Age of the roof, and whether it is updated within the last 15 years.
    • Construction type of the roof, whether it is a wood-joisted masonry or flat cement roof, or modified bitumen roof.
    • Discount is available if your property is equipped with metal shutters or impact windows.

How much does Hurricane Insurance cost in Florida?

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