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We Welcome an opportunity to offer you a complimentary condominium Insurance quote for your association. Your Insurance policy needs to be reviewed annually to guarantee adequate coverages and affordable premiums in able to meet your condominium association annual budget, governing statements and unit Owner’s requirements.

What does Condominium Association Insurance Florida Policy cover?

  • HighRise Building – real property ensured at 100% of its replacement cost performed by a professional appraisal within the last 24 months.
  • Crime  policy covers theft or disappearance of Association funds by the property manager or volunteers working in the office.
  • Condominium Liability – protect your association from a third-party claim for bodily injury or property damage, such claim as slip and fall (a common cause of claim)
  • Umbrella Liability – it provides excess liability coverage protection over and above the underlying general liability policy, D&O, Commercial Auto, and Workers Compensation.
  • Directors and Officers  is a mandatory line of coverage by the State of Florida under Status 714; which serves to protect board members, volunteers and property managers against any conflicting liability claims filed by Unit Owners or outside contractors for negligence or breach of contract.
  • Difference In Conditions – to cover common cause of a claim that is not covered by the underlying commercial property Insurance such as water damage.
  • Equipment Breakdown – to protect building equipment such as the main boiler, air conditioning units, elevators, phone system and other electrical equipment which are in service on the Association.
  • Commercial Glass  covers glass windows and balcony railing against high winds and hurricane damages. This type of coverage has a separate Deductible normally about $100.00 Per claim.
  • Hurricane & Windstorm – protect your property from any named Hurricane or tropical storms.
  • Commercial Flood  to cover your Association with rising water damages due to a severe rain. it covers the Association common are.
  • Outdoor Properties – coverage necessary for the Association outdoor properties such as pool, boat docks, front gates, light poles, signs and guard house.

High-Rise Building policy limit is computed according to a recent commercial property appraisal. A Condominium Association is usually governed by its residential unit owners. Each of this area can create a liability to your association caused by your board members, volunteers or property manager; such liabilities include contractual obligations and negligence.

G. Zein Insurance Services have specialized in Condominium Association Insurance since 1987. We have helped many condominium associations like yours save an average of 10% off their package renewal premiums. Furthermore, not only will we help you mitigate any potential claims at the time of loss, we will also provide lower-cost property inspections, lower-interest financing, and insurance certificates, all with NO fees added.

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