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Life Insurance can help protect your family continuity, and it is a valuable means to accumulate money for college, retirement or unexpected expenses. On average, the head of household must purchase a life insurance policy equivalent to eight to ten times his annual gross income. Under current laws, there is no federal income tax on death benefits paid to a named beneficiary.

Using the financial strength and experience of our top-rated National life insurance companies, we offer several affordable 10-20-30 Years Term Life Insurance, Universal life insurance, and whole life insurance policies to Florida Residents.

Life insurance policy is structured for a specified length of time typically 10 to 30 years, and is normally purchased with a particular family financial needs in mind. Beneficiaries will collect the proceeds tax-free, the full face value of the policy upon the insured death. life insurance is an attractive means for that applicant with limited income or for personal family financial protection.

Personalized Level Term Life Insurance Policy Features:

  • A death benefit payout and level premium for a specified number of years. We offer 5-10-15-20-30 year terms.
  • Decreasing Term Life Insurance policy features designed to cover home mortgages .

If the insured survives the time-period selected on the contract, the policy expires. There is no cash value accumulate when a term life insurance policy expires. Some policies have a convertible feature permitting a policy owner to exchange a term policy for a whole life policy without evidence of insurability (proof of good health) or allow you to renew the term life policy on a yearly basis.

4 ways to get a lower premium Life Insurance?

  • Being a non-smoker.
  • Follow a Healthy diet lifestyle.
  • Try to exercise 3 to 4 times per week.
  • Your current medical condition must be under control by medication.

Benefits of Index Universal Life Insurance :

  1. Policy has a potential higher interest return.
  2. Tax-deferred cash value accumulation.
  3. A level of protection from negative index performance.
  4. A variety of index allocation such as S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, Dow Jones Industrial, Index Bond, Russell 2000, Others.

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