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Every entertainment club in Florida, big or smaller size needs to be insured, especially if the business serves alcohol is bound to face frequent lawsuits. We are licensed with multiple insurance companies to ensure NightClub Insurance, Club Insurance, Sports Bar Insurance, Tavern Insurance, Party Hall Center Insurance and liquor liability insurance.  We provide a package policy to the entertainment Industry in Florida.

What does NightClub Insurance Florida Policy cover?

NightClub Insurance Florida offers a package policy with comprehensive coverage options necessary to protect your business from unexpected losses. Nightclub General Liability insurance coverage ensures bodily injury compensation for your customers based on potential lawsuits that can be subjected to your business. With each type of claim, your insurance policy will compensate you for any possible expenses occurred such as court litigation and legal fees.

  • General Liability Insurance covers a customer in the event of a bodily injury if the incident happens in your nightclub or on its parking lot.
  • Liquor Liability Insurance is designed for liquor-related injury cases. Though nightclubs make profits by selling alcohol, intoxicated customers pose a great risk to the business. The liquor liability insurance policy covers any physical injuries caused by a customer under the influence of alcohol.
  • Assault and Battery Liability Insurance is intended to protect the Club Owner against any liability claim due to his negligence of the safety standards in the case of a fight inside your Club; you might be held liable. It is an important coverage to owners of large facilities that have no security personnel.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance provides compensation for your employees in the event of an injury during working hours such as medical expenses and loss of income.

NightClub Property Insurance

  • Building insurance is necessary to nightclub owner to have this insurance policy that covers structural damages that are caused by hurricane, fire, vandalism and water damages.
  • Contents insurance covers all the property inside your nightclub establishment including the furnishing, decorations, inventory, and electrical equipment. You can also purchase additional coverage such as outdoor signs, money and glass coverage.
  • Equipment breakdown insurance is designed for equipment failures such as air conditioning units, electronic equipment, and phone system. Mechanical failures can be caused by power disruptions or possible mechanical failure. In this way, nightclub owner can make sure that his business will be restored immediately.
  • Loss of Income Insurance compensates you in terms of continuing your operation expenses if it is demanded to close your business temporarily. This insurance endorsement provides financial assistance to pay for the required overhead operating expenses.

How much NightClub Insurance Cost?

The following factors are considered in determining an affordable rate for your nightclub establishment:

  • Yearly liquor sale
  • Number of years in business
  • Any prior liquor license citations
  • Whether you employ a Security Guard or Door Bouncers
  • The cost fluctuates depending on the coverage options you choose
  • The size and the capacity of the nightclub premise including the size of the dance floor
  • Any prior losses such as Assault & Battery Loss, Liquor Liability loss or Slip & Fall Loss

To find out how much it cost to insure your nightclub, Sports Bar, Lounge, Tavern, Party Hall, Liquor liability, please Call G. Zein Insurance Services Now before your renew existing policy at (954) 454-9599 or (866) 454-9555 or Email at Our Agent is ready to help you save money on your nightclub insurance to keep your business going.