what is liquor liability insuranceIn the State of Florida, purchasing liquor liability insurance is important. Entertainment insurance is expensive in Florida, however, basic coverage is required to operate your business.

Obtaining liquor liability policy is necessary, it provides a peace of mind, that you are covered in case of a liability claim. Nightclub insurance policy plan with Liquor Liability are available to business-owners including a special type of coverages such as Assault & Battery.

Nightclub Liability Insurance

Nightclub liability insurance policy includes several levels of protection. Any business serving alcohol to the public requires Liquor Liability coverage. Insurance companies require evidence of liquor sales to quote the policy including Assault & Battery.

Florida nightclub liability policy extend coverage to a third-party injured on premises. When obtaining liquor liability policy, take into consideration all potential liability exposure such as average age of patrons, the location of the club, normal service hours, nightclub size, gross receipts, alcohol sales and premises inclusions are further considered during primary liability coverage options.

Liquor Liability Insurance

The law in the State of Florida requires bar owners to carry liquor liability insurance; therefore bars, nightclubs, and other wet establishments need to obtain this type of insurance coverage. Florida’s Dram Shop Act governs liquor liability laws, which are available in Florida Statutes Section 768.125.

Nightclub facilities covered under certain conditions can be charged with a liability claim in the event of bodily injury or death caused by intoxication to any patrons. Any establishment serving alcoholic beverages to individuals of legal drinking ages can benefit from broad liability protection.

Liquor liability insurance further protects bars owners from legal expenses. Such problems arising from physical fight occurs on premises, bodily injuries, intoxication, or any other issues derived from litigation periods.

Liquor liability coverage is crucial for any establishment serving liquor, as it further protects nightclub businesses from injuries or death occurring beyond the club premises such as car accident to an intoxicated patrons driving back home.

Liquor liability insurance does not cover the sale of alcohol to minors, but it can still be utilized to minimize legal expenses. Again, Florida requires all nightclubs to maintain liquor liability coverage. The liquor liability insurance policy, like nightclub general liability coverage, carries extensive option including Assault & Battery. Every establishment is different—and each one requires different coverage options to remain protected.

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